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Nice to meet you...
I’m attorney krystle

I’m an Entrepreneur just like you!

In fact, I’ve had a front row seat to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship since I was 3 years old.  That was when my dad retired himself from the workforce to embark on his journey into Entrepreneurship.  It was the insight that I gained from watching him that inspired me to focus my practice on helping entrepreneurs protect the businesses they work so hard to build.  


For more than a decade, I’ve helped elevate entrepreneurs by protecting their business, their profits, and positioning them to sell or create a real legacy.  My portfolio is growing steadily, and includes fearless entrepreneurs, mighty small businesses, and impactful nonprofits. 


As the self-proclaimed "Attorney for Every Preneur", I believe in helping her clients tackle their legal issues through a hybrid approach which incorporates traditional and non-traditional legal assistance.  For this reason, I created Be Bossy LLC, where I provide additional resources such as attorney drafted contract templates and courses on various business and intellectual property law topics.  My hybrid approach to law has helped my clients sleep well at night knowing their businesses are thriving and are legally protected.


get to know me

I love a good pair of heels but will rock a stylish pair of sneakers

If it’s brunch…I’m there

I recharge best in sunny warm climates near the ocean.  Aruba me, please

BAE - Best Aunt Ever

Sweets over Salty

Pilates is my jam

Team Crimson and Cream (Delta Sigma Theta)

Guilty Pleasures, Mac and Cheese (My mom’s), Peach Cobbler, and gummy candy

Early bird and Night Owl

Personal Philosophy - Confidence is Your Best Accessory

Favorite Quote - If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything

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